Why join?

Mobile Rewards Marketplace merchants connect with nearby Mobile Rewards App users from our big brand partners. Sign up for an account in a matter of minutes.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to join, no monthly fees and no equipment to buy. You pay ONLY when accepting a mobile payment: a small marketing fee and whatever % reward you want to give your mobile customers.

How does it work?

Enter sales as usual. You use the free Mobile Rewards Marketplace app on your phone, tablet or point of sale system to accept mobile payments. Simply enter the amount due and scan a QR Code presented by your consumer. Or, select the CODE tender key and enter a 3-digit code from your customer's phone. That's it! It's fast, easy and more secure than swiping or dipping plastic cards.

What else do I get?

Take advantage of our complimentary marketing tools. Add your logo, a photo of your place and create as many free ads as you want - either on your phone or online in the Mobile Rewards Marketplace Center. Enjoy all these extra tools at no extra cost to you.

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